Monday, 7 February 2011

Government Minister - egg on face

Here's a link to a report in the Daily Telegrapgh about the unrest that emerged at the protest about the sale of the Forest of Dean.

I'm not one to condone violence but I suppose you might conclude that there's no harm done in this case.

The Telegraph has a strange approach to the whole Forest Sale issue.  On the one hand it feels an ideological alignment to the Government's proposal.  On the other it seems to be really enjoying the hoo-ha that the matter has caused and the discomfort that Government is experiencing.  For example it described Caroline Spelman (Secretary of State for the Environment) as follows:

It was like watching a shy, woodland creature surrounded by a rude and raucous party of ramblers. Mary Creagh, on the Labour front bench, placed herself at the head of this self-righteous mob and mocked Mrs Spelman: “The Secretary of State does not know what she is doing, does not know why she is doing it, and nobody wants her to do it.”

Here's another sly bash at Tory Minster Damian Green who made a mess of explaining why the Government thinks this sell-off is a good idea:

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