Sunday, 13 February 2011

Government retreats .... for now

The Government has explained that it will review the legislation that it is expecting to use to permit the sale of Wendover Woods and other Forests.  The aim of the review is to provide more safeguards to the public that access and other existing rights will continue to be protected.

I think we need to watch this very carefully.  It is worth noting that the consultation has neither stopped nor been amended and the proposal to sell off Forests is still very much alive.  The PR machine has caught up with the views of the people and is trying to limit the damage.  It is not the case that the Government has full backtracked and they will try and sell Wendover Woods in line with the existing timescales.  I still remain very uneasy about the whole thing and urge you to write to your MP to oppose the sale of these woods.  By doing this you will keep pressure on the Government to put in place some genuinely meaningful legislation and, hopefully, find a much more sensible way of managing our forests and woods than they have proposed to date.

Some good information about the current status can be found at the following link.

And Finally, well done and thanks to everyone who took some action to oppose this shambolic and unwelcome proposal.

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